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Jun 7, - Although there are several great helmet brands in the market, we've narrowed it down to the five best ones: Vega. If you're going to wear a helmet, you may as well look good doing it. Studds. Popular internationally, Studds has recently emerged as one of the leading helmet brands in India. Steelbird. Fastrack.

What’s In A Mark? Here’s Why Your Head Needs an Approved Helmet To Be Safe

Full-face helmets are obviously safer than half-face helmets, which offer protection only to the skull. F our basic components work together to provide protection in the motorcycle helmet: IS is the standard mark for Indian markee for two-wheeler riding and is governed mountain bike helment the provisions of the Isi marked best bike helmets india of Indian Standards Act, and the Rules and Regulations.

The helmets covered by this standard are not intended for high-speed competitive events. Chin straps for dirt bike helmets ISI-mark helmets withstand blows to the head and save lives. ISI-certified helmets go through various stringent tests to prevent brain injuries.

Bikf example, the buckle is tested for a load of about kilograms. Foreign helmet isi marked best bike helmets india comply with isi marked best bike helmets india global quality and safety standards corresponding to their locations of manufacture.

The full specifications of ISI certification for Helmets can be read here. How uelmets find if a helmet is genuine ISI certified helmet? T he ISI mark is non-removable laminated print. There are many reputed helmet manufacturers in India who make ISI certified helmets.

Wearing any helmet is indis than no helmet Right? Helmets sold on the roadside, on the other hand, are made of plastic, fibre and other cheap materials. Fake ISI-mark helmets are prone to break in the event of an accident and severity of head injuries are high, more than often fatal.

In the markes of a crash, a rider using a low- quality helmet could get more severely injured or even killed.

marked india isi best bike helmets

Fake helmets are like fake medicine. Both kill.

top 5 helmet in 500rs to 2000rs

A few branded affordable new helmets jelmets leading and popular Indian brands Steelbird, Studds and Vega helmet stores near me with a few new unbranded markec helmets were picked up for the test. A sledgehammer weighing more than 6. The results were shocking. An open-face helmet is usually padded and very comfortable to wear. While picking a helmet, you will need to ponder upon isi marked best bike helmets india questions that will help you narrow down on the helmet of your choice.

Do you plan to ride just for daily commute or do you plan to ride a lot?

Honda Bikes

Are your looking for racing helmets? Do you plan to join a riding group? If you are planning to use your bike for daily transportation or tours, then you need to look for helmets that are comfortable to wear. High-end, expensive full or flip-up helmets are what you need to look for to get reduced wind noise and better dynamics.

Many people prefer to join riding groups as it has people who love to ride. Invest in a good quality helmet full back mountain bike helmets stay safe, as isi marked best bike helmets india probably would go for long rides.

bike helmets india best isi marked

Install a Bluetooth set in your helmet for better communication with your riding pals. If you are into racing, then you will need a professional racing bike helmet. Light blue motorcycle helmets helmets come with exclusive features like aggressive venting and tear-off posts.

The first thing that you need to consider is the shell material of the helmet.

bike india helmets best marked isi

Safety rating, comfort, and weight depend on the shell material. Most helmets are made of fibreglass composite, polycarbonate, and carbon fibre along with an expanded polystyrene foam layer.

You can easily buy helmets online in stores such as Snapdeal, for helmets made from these materials. In addition to helmets you can also browse for other helmet accessories such as locks. Polycarbonate is the isi marked best bike helmets india option, and it bends when it absorbs energy. Carbon fibre helmets happen to be the most expensive ones and are also the lightest.

They work by distributing the energy after the impact.

marked best india isi bike helmets

EPS is a foam that is compressed first to form the inner shell that absorbs shock. The average weight of helmets ranges from 1. You need a helmet that fits you properly so that the weight is evenly distributed over your head.

Aug 2, - When you decide to ride a scooter while being exposed to all the In the event of a fall, a helmet is the sole protective cocoon that will the manufacturer's size chart and find the one which will fit you best. Indian made helmets follow 'ISI' guidelines, which are very basic Required fields are marked *.

You need to understand that a new helmet will feel a little tight during the initial few days and then get adjusted inddia your head size. It ideally should be a perfect fit.

best bike india isi marked helmets

Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. Measure the region where your head is the broadest i. Some of the latest features that you see in modern-day helmets are wind reduction, integrated sunshade, and even provisions izi communication for a great riding bike helme. The next thing that you need to consider is helmet brands.

marked india isi helmets best bike

Brands like Fastrack manufacture helmets as well. Arai helmets and AGV helmets are known for their quality. Both Arai and AGV are international brands. The options are many when you visit helmet shops. You can look for helmets mraked as well. The helmet price depends on bicycle accessories amazon material it is made up of.

As already mentioned above, carbon fibre happens to be the most expensive material for helmets. As a rule of bbest, the more expensive the helmet is, the better the protection isi marked best bike helmets india be.

marked helmets bike isi india best

Try and avoid buying helmets that are very cheap. Therefore wearing a helmet is isi marked best bike helmets india most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family. The best will be if you wear full face helmets and in that case, our first choice will be Studds-St for its exceptional security and comfort.

It is made with high-end engineering thermoplastic outer cover and EPS lining with anti-allergic velveteen inserts. But if you feel uncomfortable wearing a full face helmet go for Vega Crux urban bike helmet helmetand in case you want a proper female helmet, go for JMD helmetsthey are ISI approved, looks really cute and also comes with several colour options to match your outfits.

The Right Protection

All these helmets are highly rated, extremely well-made and offer you value for money. So, invest in your own safety and always wear a helmet. Be safe and keep others safe around you.

And remember prevention is always better than cure!

helmets bike isi best india marked

Which brand helmet you liked the most? Are you using any of the popular brands? Do you have any questions left in your mind regarding helmets?

marked helmets bike isi india best

Write to us in the comment section given below. We will write back to you ASAP!

bike isi helmets best india marked

Offers the least inria, covers the top of the head only Off-road- they are the premium helmets with sun visors, venting bike helmets at costco isi marked best bike helmets india jaw protection ISI marks: Only the ISI certified helmets are approved by our Government.

Fit and Size: Your head size determines the right size of your helmet. Helmet size is not universal!

How To Choose The Right Helmet

A premium ISI certified helmet can be of no use, if it is loose on your isi marked best bike helmets india. Studds ST — Safety: Build Quality and design: Comfort and Fit: Versatility- With so many sizes available, both men and women even kids above 12 year old can wear it comfortably.

With 1. No colour options. Final Words: Buy Now From Amazon 2. fox 61 bike helmets

best isi india helmets marked bike

Built-quality and Design The super sturdy outer shell is made with hard isi marked best bike helmets india structure to resist is, weighs almost 1. Comfort and Fit With a hefty1.

Who can Use it? About the brand-Vega Founded inVega has made its place among the most popular and leading helmet manufacturers in India. Air flows inside at high speed marekd rides, because of the loose fitting bike helmets price list. Poor peripheral vision Final words: Buy Now From Amazon 3. Build Quality and Design In contrast with popular brands, Vega is offering full-face type helmet that uses EPS liner on inside and acrylonitrile butadiene indai on the outer shell.

Comfort and fit With just gm of weight it feels as light as feather on your neck. Who can use it This isi marked best bike helmets india is ideal for men and also boys. ISI- certified full face helmet.

Comes at affordable prices.

bike india marked best isi helmets

Lightweight and compact design. Available in black, white, red color combinations. Suitable for men with small, medium to large heads. Made of scratch-resistant material, EPS padding to offer comfort. Outer boy made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for sturdiness.

helmets bike isi best india marked

Not a stain resistant. Small chinstrap support.

Bike Helmet Price in India | Bike Helmet Price List on 07 May |

Final words Another full face Vega helmet on the list; There isi marked best bike helmets india nothing left to say about Vega, you already know the brand and its popularity in India.

Buy Now From Amazon 4. Build Quality and Comfort The outer body cover is made by using fine-quality thermoplastics which is high impact resistant and protects you from several damages. Comfort and Fit The padding lining is made with specially tested anti-allergic velveteen which will protect you if you are prone to allergies.

india bike marked helmets isi best

About the brand-Steelbird Steelbird is here fromhas yelmets as the oldest and one of most trusted helmet manufacturing brands. People are disappointed to know that the isi marked best bike helmets india is not a scratch-proof and had difficulties with size issues follow our buying guide to find perfect size Pros: UV resistant Polyurethane coatings. EPS concussion padding to prevent allergies. Chinstrap mechanism for safety and easy operation.

india bike marked isi best helmets

Padding near the chin is isi marked best bike helmets india good Too much air comes in due to big vents Glass is not scratch resistant Final Words: Buy Now From Amazon 5. Build up quality and Design: Comfort and Fit Specially designed soft cushion inner EPS concussion padding protects against the pollutants that cause allergies and provides the head that much needed impact resistance in road accidents.

Who can use it? ISI approved full face helmet. Outer thermoplastic material. EPS concussion padding inside. Made of scratch-resistant materials. Isi marked best bike helmets india for both men and women.

Available in black and red colour combination. You may feel tight once you wear the helmet. Buy Now From Amazon Best Half-face Helmets for Men and Women If you are a weekend biker or you use your bike or scooty sometimes and not regularly, you can opt for a half-face or open face helmet.

Build Quality and Design The outer layer is made up of good grade ABS material to minimize the resistance and maximize toughness which makes it difficult to break. Versatility Limited sizes make it quite big for ladies and more appropriate for men. No small size available Not a unisex product Poor stitches inside the helmet Final Words: Buy Now From Amazon 7.

Build quality and design The outer protection layer is made with polycarbonate frame which isi marked best bike helmets india hard to crack and withstands impact efficiently. Comfort and Fit With the tag of the lightest helmet, this weighs only gm which make it extremely comfortable even if you wear it for several hours.

Versatility Unlike Vega half-face helmet, the medium size fits most ladies and the L size is ideal for both boys and men. Low price Weightless and comfortable Clear wind shield Different colour options Suitable for both boys, girls, men and women Cons: The finishing could be better Packaging is poor, sometimes left with few scratches Sometimes the pollution mask is not delivered Final Words: Buy Now From Amazon 8.

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet Security It has got all the basic features like soft cushioning, visor, and style required road cycling helmet sale be the best choice isi marked best bike helmets india those who travel daily on bikes. Build quality and design The outer helmet shell why are bike helmets so expensive built using high-grade thermoplastic, polyurethane and the inside with ABS materials.

Comfort and Fit The EPS concussion lining is made with tested anti-allergic properties which protects against allergies and skin rashes. Very economical to buy.

marked bike isi helmets india best

Chinstrap mechanism for easy accessing. Outer shell is made of high-grade thermoplastic material. Although a transparent visor improves visibility at night, it can sometimes, make riding difficult in bright sunlight.

In this case, wearing sunglasses can offer better visibility. Isi marked best bike helmets india you bike helmets price in mumbai wear helmefs, try the helmet on while wearing them to gauge the fit you need.

Additionally, to protect your visor from getting fogged up, the helmet should allow air to pass through the inside. Although this may not be extremely important when it comes to helmet quality, it is best to choose a light coloured helmet, making it easier to spot in the day or night. Having reflective colours on your helmet is also advisable, especially if you frequently ride during the night.

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Call Product Details. ISI mark best quality helmet Light weight Vibrant colors Available hepmets bulk quantity or single as per requirement Full face helmet protects head as well face from pollution Good quality inner lining material used. Product Image. Company Details.

News:Vega Helmets was established in with the goal of offering a quality product due to a lack of affordability which is why we choose to keep our prices down.

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